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White papers are versatile, high-value marketing assets that serve as a physical embodiment of your company’s expertise. A well researched and written white paper that addresses a problem in your market in an unbiased way will establish trust with your prospects by illustrating you understand the challenges they face. Some companies hand the task of writing a white paper to one of their technical experts only to find that the result falls flat.

The fact is, while a white paper must be technically well written, it also has to be interesting, fresh and engaging to move your sales conversations forward. Writing a good white paper requires two very different skill sets — the ability to understand and effectively communicate the more complex or technical aspects of your product or service and the creative copywriting skills necessary to write in a subtly persuasive manner. 

Trained in conversion copywriting techniques, our writers have the skills to achieve the technical depth you need and also know how to craft the subtle language that white papers need in order to convert.

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