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Who We Are

We’re an exceptional team of experienced B2B writers dedicated to helping cool technology companies (like yours) stand out in your industry, strike a chord with your audience, and turn prospects into buyers.

Think of us as off-brand superheroes with keyboards and notebooks strapped to our utility belts. Our mission: to bring the world clear, understandable, and enjoyable tech content. 


  • Jody Arthur
    Jody Arthur
    President, Technology Content & Thought Leadership Writer, Senior Editor

    My name is Jody Arthur.

    I’m a writer and environmental scientist with a knack for crafting great stories and a killer eye for detail. I love working with smart people to get their ideas into words, and I take pride in every piece of content I write. When I’m not crafting content and copy for clients, I’m either herding a crazy pack of four dogs and three cats (all rescues that caught me at a vulnerable moment) or I’m out at our property in the country, trying to turn a 20-year fallow farm into a sustainable homestead. 

    I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years and know a good writer when I see one. Every member of my team is hand-picked and vetted not only for experience and reliability but also to ensure that each is exactly the kind of person who you’d want handling your content. They bring a natural curiosity and a deep love of the craft – not to mention experience with big-name companies including Adobe, Airbus, Coursera, and Amazon Alexa. And, they’re plain good people with a great ethic and shared desire to make the world a better place. 

    I created JMA to channel the talent of this incredible group of writers into high-quality content for notable tech clients and other B2B companies in search of a reliable team to help them with their marketing content and copy. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work with us, drop me a line here.

  • Per Andreasen
    Per Andreasen
    Technology Content Writer & Conversion Copywriter

    Hi! I’m Per,

    Once upon a time I thought I had a shot at becoming a pro skateboarder. I loved the thrill of landing new tricks, but could never agree with my feet on where we needed to go. During my skateboarding studies, I found myself paying a lot of attention to how people were writing about it and thinking about how I’d the same thing, but differently. This led to a passion for playing with words – and to writing for a living.

    I went on to earn a degree in journalism with a side dish of political studies. I worked in print media until I got the chance to jump into the world of copywriting and content marketing. But I found the clients in most agencies– and the quality of the work – were all over the place. So I broke out on my own.

    I now write for businesses that improve peoples’ lives through the technology and services they provide. My passion is learning about new technologies and then sharing that knowledge with an audience that needs it. I joined JMA Communications to achieve impressive results for interesting tech clients. I look forward to doing the same for you.

  • Jenny Medeiros
    Jenny Medeiros
    Senior Technology Content Writer & Editor

    Hey! I’m Jenny,

    Back in my engineering days, I always got stuck with the “boring part” of the job: writing things down. But with each software tutorial and academic paper, it became clear that even a nobel-prize-winning innovation will go unnoticed if people can’t understand what it does or how to use it.

    So, I made it my mission to help frazzled tech leaders turn overly-technical concepts into simple and approachable content. I started with what I knew: virtual reality and user experience (UX), then branched out into all things artificial intelligence, SaaS, and “tech for good”. I worked remotely, travelled aimlessly, broke a few laptops and eventually settled in London.

    Aside from dogs with short legs and funky mugs, nothing makes me happier than bringing structure, clarity, and attention to well-deserving ideas. Now with our small-yet-mighty team, I’m excited to do the same for yours.

  • Kate Redfern
    Kate Redfern
    Technology Content Writer & Conversion Copywriter

    Hello, I’m Kate!

    After 10 years as an English Civil Law Barrister, I swapped my wig and gown for copywriting. My inner geek loves to research and analyze, and “find the angle” to persuade, educate, or inform. 

    I have naturally gravitated to tech – it’s interesting and, frankly, very cool. I’ve worked with big-name clients in Aerospace and SaaS, as well as awesome tech start-ups and second-stage growth companies. My adventure continues with JMA’s handpicked clients.

    I embrace everything life has to offer in the South of France and am never happier than when in the mountains. I share my office with my two rescue dogs (you’ll probably see them in our video calls). However, my Bengal cat, Norbert, is really in charge.

  • Craig Dennis
    Craig Dennis
    Technology Content Writer

    Craig’s bio is coming soon but I can assure you, he’s a really cool guy. (That’s the only kind of people we bring onto our team here at JMA.)

How we roll

We play well with everyone, and we absolutely love working with passionate and knowledgeable subject matter experts. If you have a marketing team, editor, or a hawk-eyed project manager, we’ll happily work with them, too!

Already have a content process? We’ll adapt to it. If you don’t, we’ll bring our battle-tested process with us, so you can just sit back and let quality content roll in.

We’re always fine-tuning the way we work and know how to get things done faster, smarter, and without taking ourselves too seriously. Content is just easier with JMA in your corner.

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We love what we do

What makes our work so good is that we’re a bunch of creative, curious, word-loving nerds who genuinely support the causes we write for. We’re truly interested in learning everything about your business and what matters to you the most. Your goals become our goals, and then we channel that passion into content you can be proud of.

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